E5: Update & Fearful Living

Hi everyone!   I missed you!
This week’s episode is a long time and effort in the making.  I found out some pretty incredible news that shocked me 2 weeks ago.  I then had to travel and got terribly sick and have been sick off and on for the past 2+ weeks.  The end of the podcast was recorded the same day this is being published, because it was the most strength I could muster in the past two weeks.  I apologize for the delay.  It was certainly a learning lesson for how to handle future illnesses and the podcast schedule, so that was helpful.  This week’s episode is about fear, and ironically the news and illnesses I have been experiencing has put me into a very intimate relationship with fear.  It lent a lot to my observations.
In this episode:
  • I address my own fears and the ways they have hindered my progress.
  • I talk to my sister about leaving a relationship and moving out of state with her 3 children, and what fears these situations brought up for her.
  • I consider what can be done with fear.
There are so many things to fear in life, that it’s entirely understandable how people can become paralyzed by it.  Rene Descartes said, “…when fear is so extreme that it leaves no room at all for hope, it is transformed into despair; and this despair, representing the thing as impossible, extinguishes desire altogether, for desire bears only on possible things.”  When we see no possibility, when our imagination goes dark with despair and fear, we can’t move, we have no desire to move, and we slide into depression, other forms of neuroses, addiction, and closer and closer to ultimately the death drive, because we cease seeing life and the beauty in Being.  That thought alone is scary!  And that’s why they told us when we were kids that the only thing to fear is fear itself.
Thank you Alexa for talking to me for this episode.  I have been and remain so proud of you.  I love you.
You & the girls’ Baby Ange

E4: Sunday Interlude

Hi everyone!

Today’s episode is a wrap up of Episode 3 on Focus as Resistance and how to apply it to the new week, the new moon coming up on the 18th, and life in general.

I read from my Free downloadable guide available on my site www.babyange.com, and give some reflections I had while at the Grand Canyon and Sedona this weekend.

Have an amazing week. I am so filled with love for you, this earth and this experience.  I wish and pray the same for you!

Blessings and Power to you all,

Baby Ange



E3: Focus as Resistance w/Adrienne Maree Brown

This week’s episode is delayed because I simply had to try and get our guest, Adrienne Maree Brown to join in.  I succeeded and what follows is a reflection on the vitality found in focus, where and how we can direct it, along with its alchemical power.  Just before releasing this week’s episode, Brown referred to her newest blog post on Instagram.  I read it and realized it was centered around the same topic of attention and focus that I was talking about!  We were having two similar conversations, at the same time, but in separate parts of the net, and I felt that it was important they converge, however briefly into one, and thankfully Adrienne and the universe agreed.  Her blog post, her message for Femme Too Deep, and her work as a whole are so inspiring to me.  I think you will find them equally so.
Until next week, blessed power and love to you all.
Baby Ange
IG & Twitter @femmetoodeep
About Adrienne Maree Brown:
Adrienne Maree Brown is an activist, organizer, educator, writer, soon-to-be podcaster (!!!), pleasure activist (!), anti-authoritarian (she defied Obama himself by sneaking a selfie at his Foundation Summit), and an overall boss ass.  She is a true hero to this world, as well as an Octavia E. Butler scholar, an Ursula Le Guin Feminist Sci-Fi Fellowship recipient—two names that make me drool—and she is a doula.  Her book Emergent Strategy (currently holding my Kindle hostage) is a self-help book for the future, it transcends beyond the self to include our society and the world.  Adrienne is also a sister, an auntie, and the kind of present soul that enlivens you to the point you feel you may burst and scare it away.  I have never felt so understood and validated in my beliefs.  She is a kindred soul, and I look forward to her continued work and up-coming projects, including a podcast with her sister and an Ursula Le Guin documentary!
You can find Adrienne Maree Brown on:
Instagram: @adriennemareebrown
Twitter: @adriennemaree
Her site & blog: Adriennemareebrown.net/blog
Thank you Adrienne!  I hope you will bless with your wisdom again.  Blessed power and infinite thanks to you.

E2: Gia – Transcending Self

This week, I interviewed trans woman of color and influencer/fashionista Gia Narvaez (IG: @thesassytruth_).  We talked about various things to include:

  • Writing and speaking truth to self
  • Spirituality and spirit guides
  • Games and DC Marvel
  • Fuckboys

I explain how Gia caught my eye, but there was something intuitively drawing me to ask her to chat with Femme Too Deep, because she embodies what it is to know one self and then to share that with the community.  In a world full of self-care, self-healing, and self-love, we can’t forget that our community and the world also need our care, healing and love.  We connect with ourselves to more fully care for and connect with the world.

Gia recorded the podcast taping on her Instagram Live, despite feeling slightly self-conscious and uncomfortable not being edited.  She got comments from around the world, as far away as India.  Moving past her discomfort, past herself, and thinking of others brought us all together for 20 minutes of sharing, healing and connection.

Thank you Gia.  Please follow this beauty.

Until next week, love and blessings,

Baby Ange

IG & Twitter: @femmetoodeep

E1: Intro’s & the only time I will ever explain myself

I’m so honored and excited to finally share this podcast, and I’m so happy you’re tuning in!
In this 1st episode, you’ll be introduced to me along with:
  • Why I started this podcast
  • A little about how I see our relationships with ourselves
  • Why this podcast is about and for femme presenting people, and not just women
  • The purpose of an active engagement with our deeper and inner self
  • An exploration of the idea that this world is connected to another, and how our full engagement is not just about this experience, but affects on multiple levels through a personal story told by the 90’s folk artist Lhasa de Sela
  • How we’re all dealing and struggling with the world, but that strength will be found both in our actions and also in our stillness.
And more. One of my core beliefs is that our inner strength is where our true power lies. We each have a vast universe within us that deserves constant engagement and exploration.  That all the answers that we seem to seek outwardly can actually be answered from within.
If you’re ready to connect with yourself and others more compassionately, this podcast will interest you.
Once you’ve had a chance to digest these musings and ruminations, I’d love to hear what you think! Please email, tweet, DM, or whatever means of stalking you prefer.  Please sign up for mailing list to get a bonus, FREE downloadable guide, for how to connect with your inner self and heal.
Until next week, all love and blessings to you
Baby Ange
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Instagram: @femmetoodeep