Ep. 2.1: Deservedness and Affirming as a New Paradigm

I am loving these shorter episodes!  How about you?

In this episode, I look at the following revelations and questions:

  • Why connect to deservedness?
  • How does deservedness relate to the MAP of Life (meditation, affirmation, prayer)?
  • Deservedness as it relates to power and empowerment and consciousness. 
  • Deserved vs Entitlement
  • Decolonizing ideologies about who deserves what and where and when.
  • How to affirm.
  • Neuroplasticity and decolonizing the mind.  

This is a revelation that I wanted to discuss because of some very necessary connection to deservedness  has arisen in my life and it has been so empowering and helpful and as a result my affirmations have strengthened and realized.  I hope you’ll join me for this conversation and see if you can’t gain something or contribute anything to this process.  

Given the recent nel (new) and full moons, eclipses and the 1/2-way point in the year that we find ourselves in right now, we are clearing out a lot of old paradigms, so connecting with your deservedness and affirming those things that you want to usher in for the next half of your year and also for these next cycles, is going to fill the empty space that has been left from the clearing up and cleaning house that has taken place metaphysically.  

We’re building and you have to feel free and deserving in order to build and affirm your efforts.  I hope this is helpful, insightful, and I would love to connect with your experiences and understanding of it!

Thank you.


Baby Ange


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