Ep.2.0: Relaunch!

But not really.  That is, the podcast was on an impromptu hiatus, so this is a relaunch, but really it’s just a continuation.  When 8 months go by though, I feel like I have to acknowledge such a long gap!

Anyway, the Nel (read New) moon is upon us.  A lot has happened in my life that I’ll share throughout the next season (I don’t intend on a seasonal format, but this is kind of a new season, so why not? At least, this once.) I share what I am thinking about this Nel moon, intentionality, and time as it relates to cycles.

The intro for this episode is not in this episode, it is on the @FemmeTooDeep Instagram, so feel free to head over there to the intro and check out what’s been going on, where I been, and the trajectory of this episode.  I like the interaction of the different platforms and I want to start incorporating video.  Wha’d’you think?

Until next episode,


Baby Ange


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