E15: Trading Heroes for Ghosts Pt. II

Welcome back for part II of Trading Heroes for Ghosts!  How did you like Part I?  I really wanna know, if it was stuff you already knew and had thought about, or was it new, and whether new or old, how did it resonate with you?  I want to know so much, that I’m going to give you an incentive for your feedback.  If you DM me on IG or email me at ange@babyange.com, a couple or a few sentences about Part I, I will pull a tarot card and do a mini reading for you.  This is a trade, so no cash exchanged. You just message me the sentences and I will reply with a thanks, a picture of the card I pulled and the message, with my interpretation.  That way we both get multiple benefits.  And if you have a question you want answered, meditate on that after you send me the feedback.  The answer will reveal itself in the pull.  I can guarantee that.  I cannot guarantee that you will be read to hear it, but it will be revealed.
So, part II.  In this episode I am trying to round it all out.  We are never going to leave this subject.  We will always come back to it, but I am a storyteller, and I do like an arc and so we’re just rounding that out now, before we peel back the next layer of the onion in our next episode.  Before we move one.
I want to get clear on the ways that the self-concept is misguiding for our journey here.  I want to talk about the brain’s role in the Self-concept and especially in creating and reifying our self-concept, and I want to learn how we shift from identifying with the self-concept, to the Self, where that happens (the heart) and how we do so magically and with the body, instead of all of this being work that we do in the ether but with no real grounding here. We have to ground everything we do.  We are all 4 elements, air, fire, water, and earth.  Never forget that.  New agey spiritual BS will try and get you to only focus on the air and fire, fire because it’s alchemical.  Remember, there is water and earth as well!!!
This episode also comes with a worksheet to help you identify the ways that you over-identify with the self-concept and how to shift towards alignment with your Self and collective consciousness.  That worksheet is available here.  Upon entering your email address and joining the Femme Too Deep Flock, you’ll be sent the Self Alignment Worksheet.  Please share your worksheets with me via email, or IG/Twitter, if you feel like it.  The examples on the sheet are my own true and real reflections. I modeled the worksheet exactly off an exercise I did myself first.
Finally, I am in my final stretch for submissions.  I have just one more due at the beginning of next month.  I look forward to having more time and being able to record more regularly.  Thank you for your patience and support with these late episodes.  I hope to share so much about this time and what I have learned.
I love you ALL.
-Baby Ange

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