E14: Trading Heroes for Ghosts – Pt. I

Since we touched on authority in our last episode, and because it’s grad season,  I want to address the truth of our Self, and self with a capital S, and how important it is to get an understanding of a dichotomy that we are all dealing with as a result of being in the metaphysics of our time, as a result of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and normativity, as a result of the nature of this hologram that we live in.  It’s the nature of living in a projection, and of being a projector.  Grads all over are going onto their next chapters, and they are going to learn or discover new things about themselves. They are going to adopt new ways of living and being, and their self-concept will change, but the Self, our truth is the same, and it is that which we have to contend with regularly that is the lifelong pursuit those of us lucky enough to heed the call, will take.

This will be a 2-Part series, with a workshop in the 2nd half.  For now, we will:

  • Look at how there is the Self v self-concept
  • What the difference between the two
  • How we connect with Self
  • The benefits of connecting with Self
  • I share some of my favorite Graduation Commencement Ceremony speech by David Foster Wallace (Full Version available here)

We are in the 2nd week of Ramadan.  I do observe.  It is my 4th year doing so.  I am not Muslim.  The Quran and Sufi teachings & meditation are the highlight and greatest shift in my spiritual journey.  So, naturally, when I began to consider spiritual fasting, I looked to Islam.  Ramadan is my equivalent of X-mas. It brings me to the heights of joy and gratitude.  I am excited to process this year’s fast and share with you what I have learned.  That will have to be after the end of it, next month.  I’ll be observing until June 16th, and in addition to my fast from food, I also fast from social media and delete all social media apps from my phone (the ones I actually use), so my presence will be even more limited than normal, but I will check in from my laptop every now and then. 

I hope your Summer starts off well.   I hold you all in my prayers everyday.  I wish us all Love.  


Baby Ange


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