E13: Spring Missions

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, I am curious, what are your plans for Spring?  Have you considered that as the earth starts to bloom her beauty and shine her light on us longer and stronger, that her energy is available for us to reciprocate and draw from?  If you haven’t and you want to, this episode is for you!  I have three, just two as of this publication, writing submissions for Spring, so creation is very prominent in my life.  It is also Spring, and though it started in Mercury Retrograde, Mercury goes direct on Saturday, April 14th, so the time to start projects is HERE, officially!

In this lucky 13th episode, I discuss creation and our roll in contributing.  Since Spring brings us more daylight, I consider the maxim “Fiat Lux” and how it is not just a gift of light to us from the heavens, but a call that we must create and give light.  So, if we aren’t merely spectators to this sport, how do we create?  How do we heed the call and follow the path that the universe would have us follow?  I also consider how submission gets us all that we need, humility restores our faith and strengthens our intuition, and I even share an urgent money spell that worked for me, because if it’s true, I am always compelled to share.   The full spell is available on IG @femmetoodeep



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