E12: Being with/out Time

Hooooow does 6 weeks escape one….or rather, how does one escape 6 weeks?!  Where does our time go?  Better asked, where do we go?  Because it really doesn’t mean to slip us by and terrorize us, as a result, though we think it does.

I apologize for the hiatus.  It was not a planned one!  The plan was to do an episode on time and our utilization, and then I went through a very difficult interaction with time.  Yet again, the universe is intent on teaching me the lessons I’m addressing here, and I am grateful, because the insights are so important, but I really wanted to be hitting episode 20 by now!

This week I address time, our relationship to it, and what it is as explored through Martin Heidegger, the good ole Baby Ange fave.  I discuss how my time has been, what I learned about it, what we all need to know about it, and how its 3-dimensionality can be understand to shift us from this linear concept to a more living, full, and vibrant relationship with which we are in communion with.

In this episode:

  • Being limitless with limits (as philosophized by Mr. Weenie’s character in Open Season 2)
  • How Being is time and time is being (as explained by Martin Heidegger)
  • The 3D nature of time
  • How we are never without time, nor can time be in a deficit
  • How we can be with and have more time
  • Baby Ange’s time travel

Thank you to everyone who listens and downloads this episode.  Thank you to EVERYONE who has rated the show.  Please rate, comment, email, and hit me on IG or Twitter @femmetoodeep

Also, please let my nieces know what you think about their closing feature! They often hear about my podcasting and they ask a lot about it.  My middle niece, Av’s, always asks to be on it.  She is an Aquarius with SO MUCH to tell us, and I would love to produce her own podcast for her, if I had time, so for now I put a feature of them on the show, so that they are with me and us every episode.  They are our future.  I need them to know that their voices are VITAL.  I hope you will cheer them on, and if you do, I will share it with them and it’ll make their day.  You can catch them at the end of the podcast in this episode.  I might try it somewhere else next time, but please affirm their presence with a message, if you have time!

I love you ALL.

Baby Ange





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