E11: Question Everything!

Today’s episode is about questions.

They are everywhere, at all times, and we are never not grappling with them.  I discussed last episode how we live in uncertainty.  It is the nature of our world.  Uncertainty can be an insecure place to dwell, because we seek to know.  We have to see the answer to uncertainty, often times, as possibility.  Dwelling in possibility is the best place in fact, but we don’t just ask any question.

We have to learn to ask the right questions.  The wrong questions just leave us caught up in our neuroses and further pain and suffering.

Examples of the right types of questions to ask are sourced from different guides, and are as follows:

  • What is trying to emerge?
  • What gift do I have to give?
  • How much power can flow through me?
  • What gift do I have to give the world?
  • What is the next step I have to take?
  • What idea is the universe trying to express through me?
  • What is seeking to emerge in my life?
  • What is the universe up to?
  • What must I become to manifest the vision that I am beginning to see?
  • Where must I grow?
  • Where must I unfold?
  • What habits must change?
  • What thought patterns must dissolve?

A huge problem is that we are often answering the questions ourselves.  If you’ve done the past 2 workshops and clocked the  narratives you tell yourself against the actual fact of it all, you know that you are often answering the questions incorrectly!!!

So, we must ask and then wait patiently and openly for the question. We’ll discuss how and why to do this.

Please share some of your questions in the comments on my site www.babyange.com or in the comment section of this episodes post on Instagram.  I would sincerely love to see what questions you, 2018 and your part of the universe are pondering!!!

Love & Power,

Baby Ange




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