E10: Personal Histories & Cultivating Joy

Hi everyone! How was your week? I’m genuinely curious, because I hope January’s treating you well. There are supposedly some pretty hard aspects in the planets this week and I’m not laying low, at all, but everything seems to be moving soooo slowly, based again on some Capricorn placements, so I don’t feel like anything is necessarily going bad, and not even stagnate, just SLOW.  Like, getting up this show! It’s been done for days and getting it up and has come so slow!!!  Just delays after delays, and it’s like, I can’t even be mad, I just keep moving and hope it eventually makes it out to you.  That is very counterintuitive thinking for me, by the way!
Anyway!  I wanted to round out the last 2 episodes about gratitude and reconciling the past, because they are so intricately connected, and there has to be some practical application for things like this to really make sense, manifest our hopes and goals, and then move us along toward the change that we’re called to. I also just tend to think that I’ve left something out, so I like these recaps to kind of help tie up any ends I might’ve left loose!  Of course, we will always revisit these themes, so there will be other opportunities, but before I move on, I think this is really helpful, and I like to workshop, so I have another worksheet for you!
I also talk about:
  • 2 films I saw since getting my Moviepass card in the mail, Star Wars: The Last Jedi & Coco
  • How gratitude is an active state pushing us towards the future
  • How integral joy is to our future progress & becoming
There is a worksheet to get you started on your gratitudinal shift available here and in my bio on IG.  I hope that you will take just a few minute with it, to start.  I am confident that it will encourage you to engage more fully with it, and I genuinely think it will usher in the new thought process necessary for your shift to a more full and whole-y engagement with Being, which is where we gather our enlightenment for questions like, what we are supposed to do, what our life purpose is, and how we can really get ourselves in right alignment with the rest of humanity for our ultimate revolution and change the course and trajectory we are currently on.
I hope that this episode is helpful and if so that you’ll share it with others!
Love & Power to you ALL,
Baby Ange

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