E7: Mercury Rx, End of Year Inventory & Workshop

Happy Sunday everyone!

This had to go up today. Sunday is really perfect for this sort of work. People call it a time of rest, but really I think it’s a time of calm and reflection.  I hope you’ve rested, and hopefully now have some time for an action item that I have for you, and I invite you to do it, because I did and it was SO very helpful. (You know that my last month has been SOMETHING ELSE!)

In this episode, I break down the truth-revealing messages from this Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius cycle.  I saw it very clearly in the past month, and then I heard Robert Ohotto’s beautiful audio on this Mercury Retrograde, and he put it all into a clear and succinct message and breakdown of why and how we can utilize this information to catapult us into the next chapter of our lives, without being held back and disconnected from our optimal self.

This Mercury Rx has been so transformative for me, less painful than transformative, in fact.  And it’s all in the stars as to why and how that information can be used and alchemized.  I share that here in a quick summary, but if you want to go further Robert’s audio is available here.

I wanted to be able to show you how it applied and what I got out of it, and round out our conversations on sadness and fear.  Also, it’s the end of the year, so this is good for helping you to take inventory.  I share how and why we do that.  As well as a chat me and my 5 year old niece had about the nature of truth and perception, which is a theme in this Mercury Rx, as I’ll recap from Robert.  That’s at the end though.

A guide at the link in my bio on Instagram is there to help, so feel free to click on that.  If you have any questions/comments, let me know!  Otherwise, work this and get the clarity and vision you need for the next chapter, the next year, and for life in general.

Power & Blessings to you ALL,

Baby Ange

IG & Twitter: @femmetoodeep

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