E6: Sad Living

If you are are living, loving, and paying the minutest bit of attention to people, your community, society, the news, and the world, then you deal with sadness on a pretty regular basis.  (If you don’t, then please email me with your secret!)

This week is a continuation of last week’s discussion on fear, because they’re so closely linked, so it’s natural that we now discuss sadness.

My life seems to be playing it out in real time the exact themes and on the exact schedule as the podcast, so it was a very sad and depressing weekend for me.  I share that experience, and where I am with it so far.

I explore the uses we have for sadness, what it does, what brings it on and how we can alchemize it.  I sit down to talk with one of my very best friends, Andrea, a brilliant thinker/feeler/and lover.

If you are having a rough week, month, season, year, or lifetime, I hope this makes it very clear to you that you are not alone, that you hold power, despite your sadness, and that sadness is part and parcel of life, not something we have to divert in order to live our fullest life.

To Andrea, Love, thank you so much for being here for me through this heartbreaking couple of weeks, thank you for taping this episode with me, and thank you for sparking up that conversation in line that night so many years ago.  Your friendship is one of the greatest gifts this life cycle has shared with me.  I feel blessed and affirmed by it every time I see/text/talk/hug/think of/and cry with you.  I love you.

Power & Blessings,

Baby Ange




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