E2: Gia – Transcending Self

This week, I interviewed trans woman of color and influencer/fashionista Gia Narvaez (IG: @thesassytruth_).  We talked about various things to include:

  • Writing and speaking truth to self
  • Spirituality and spirit guides
  • Games and DC Marvel
  • Fuckboys

I explain how Gia caught my eye, but there was something intuitively drawing me to ask her to chat with Femme Too Deep, because she embodies what it is to know one self and then to share that with the community.  In a world full of self-care, self-healing, and self-love, we can’t forget that our community and the world also need our care, healing and love.  We connect with ourselves to more fully care for and connect with the world.

Gia recorded the podcast taping on her Instagram Live, despite feeling slightly self-conscious and uncomfortable not being edited.  She got comments from around the world, as far away as India.  Moving past her discomfort, past herself, and thinking of others brought us all together for 20 minutes of sharing, healing and connection.

Thank you Gia.  Please follow this beauty.

Until next week, love and blessings,

Baby Ange

IG & Twitter: @femmetoodeep

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