E1: Intro’s & the only time I will ever explain myself

I’m so honored and excited to finally share this podcast, and I’m so happy you’re tuning in!
In this 1st episode, you’ll be introduced to me along with:
  • Why I started this podcast
  • A little about how I see our relationships with ourselves
  • Why this podcast is about and for femme presenting people, and not just women
  • The purpose of an active engagement with our deeper and inner self
  • An exploration of the idea that this world is connected to another, and how our full engagement is not just about this experience, but affects on multiple levels through a personal story told by the 90’s folk artist Lhasa de Sela
  • How we’re all dealing and struggling with the world, but that strength will be found both in our actions and also in our stillness.
And more. One of my core beliefs is that our inner strength is where our true power lies. We each have a vast universe within us that deserves constant engagement and exploration.  That all the answers that we seem to seek outwardly can actually be answered from within.
If you’re ready to connect with yourself and others more compassionately, this podcast will interest you.
Once you’ve had a chance to digest these musings and ruminations, I’d love to hear what you think! Please email, tweet, DM, or whatever means of stalking you prefer.  Please sign up for mailing list to get a bonus, FREE downloadable guide, for how to connect with your inner self and heal.
Until next week, all love and blessings to you
Baby Ange
Twitter:  @femmetoodeep
Instagram: @femmetoodeep

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